Create a quiz

Create a Quiz in the Admin portal to reinforce knowledge and test your team. Quizzes in Zunos are multiple choice.

  1. From Drive click Create and select Quiz
  2. Enter name for the Quiz and create
  3. Complete the settings of the Quiz such as a name, publish date and expiry date as well as the points awarded for completing the quiz.  Also, don't forget to make the quiz Active! You can read more about the quiz settings definitions below.
  4. Add questions by entering in a question and clicking Add. After you add each question the answer fields will appear allowing you to add the multiple choice answers.
  5. The green switch beside the answer indicates that it is correct. You can mark more than one answer as correct.
  6. Under each possible answer, you can also add Feedback information which will be given to the user if they select that answer. The feedback will show after the answer has been submitted.
  7. Attach media to a quiz question by attaching files under Media Link. The files loaded come from within Zunos Content only. You must upload or create content in Drive to attach to questions.
  8. Once you are finished save and close your quiz.

Note: In the Zunos app, quizzes are auto sorted by publish date as opposed to alphanumeric

Add Feedback to Quiz Answers


Quiz Settings


Name: The name of your quiz which will appear on the App.

Description: Describe in a sentence what this quiz is about.

Correct Answers Required to Pass: Enter in the number of correct answers required to pass this quiz.

Maximum Number of Attempts: Enter the maximum number of attempts a user can take to pass this quiz.

Publish Date: Add the date in which the quiz will appear on the app.

Expiry Date: Add the date in which the quiz will disappear on the app. This will appear on the app so that users know when the quiz will close.

Notification message: Enter in a short notification to get your users attention and notify them to complete this quiz.

Groups & Teams: Add a group or team to lock this quiz down to a select group of users. Tags: Add tags to optimize reporting. Hide Correct Answers: Choose to hide the correct answers by switching this to green. If not use will be able to see what the correct answer once they complete the question.

Active: Choose to make the Quiz active/ inactive.

Points: Include how many points each quiz question are worth.

Active: Choose to make the Quiz active/ inactive.

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