Zunos glossary

As you're getting familiar with Zunos, there are some common terms that are handy for you to know.

Account / Organization

Zunos consists of numerous accounts or organizations, users and administrators can have access to one or numerous accounts.


Achievements is a means of incentivising engagement for users within the Zunos platform by creating achievement groups, it allows you to control what key content, quizzes and forms you want your users to engage with.


In an event an organization may have a requirement to distribute devices to attendees, Zunos allows the distribution and management of devices in an event to be captured.

Please check our assets knowledge base article for more details.


Audiencing is a type of tag utilised in parent/child accounts which allows for easier management and distribution of content for administrators.

Content / Drive

Anything that you are able to create or build in Zunos can be done from within Drive. This includes form layouts, message templates, quizzes and achievements.


CORE is an additional module which compliments the Zunos platform. It is a curation tool for promoting recommended applications to clients in a store/kiosk setup.

Custom Fields

 Custom Fields are part of Global settings in the Admin Portal that allows you to store additional data in relation to Achievements, Events, Forms, Libraries, Media, Messages, Quizzes, Registration Portals and Users.  Custom Fields are additional fields that can be used for categorising content, adding additional search terms, filtering criteria in Reporting, or assigning custom data to users. 


Engagement Dashboard

The engagement dashboard shows how up to date you are with your program content. When new material becomes available your score will update, keep it high by checking in every day!

Please check our Engagement Dashboard knowledge base article for more details.


Zunos gives administrators the ability to create and manage physical events from end-to-end. Events provide an admin with full control over an event activity which includes: Creating complex events with a number of sessions. Allowing self-service registration of users and ability to communication to attendees, it also gives admins ability to manage assets which may be distributed during an event. 

Please check our events knowledge base article for more details.

Forms Inbox

Forms Inbox is the main area for Zunos admins to review form submissions. It provides a number of features, such as the ability to view and download form submissions. It also allows you to re-assign and re-open forms back to users for amendments.

Groups / Teams

Groups divide users into their functional or role based groups allowing you to communicate with and deliver content to specific target groups.

Teams are used to cluster together a collection of groups. Setup a team by following the steps below.


Leaderboards show you the number of points awarded to your team members in a competitive environment. Individuals who complete tasks within the app and stay up to date - will most likely be on top of the leaderboard.


Libraries is a staging area for unpublished content including media, forms, quizzes and achievements. Libraries also facilitate sharing linked content items throughout a profile or multiple profiles. 
 Lists Lists are a major component of forms, they are the selection options found in forms. Lists are created and managed by the administrator. When users update their forms in Zunos they are in fact updating their lists data, this is essential for ensuring form saving and submissions are successful.
Live Content

Zunos Drive content can sit in two locations, 'live content' and 'libraries'. Live Content is the primary location for managing Zunos content which can be made visible to end-users. Content can be moved across from a parent account Library across to a child accounts live content, to make new material available to users.

Message Templates Zunos allows you to create Message templates in the Message Maker, which allow an admin to be able to quickly access frequent messages and make amendments to send communications to users.

Please check our message templates knowledge base article for more details.

 Parent / Child A Parent-Child hierarchy is an account configuration in Zunos, which allows for setup of complex accounts to help with managing content from an overarching account (the parent account) and regional accounts (child accounts) which sit under it. Parent-Child accounts are ideally suited to larger enterprise clients which may want to manage content from a central account down to their regional accounts. 
 Public Registrations Automate user onboarding and collect information from your users as they join your Zunos Organization. Once you create the registration page, you can share the URL with partners, employees or anyone who wants to join.
 Push Notifications Push notifications are short, sharp messages designed to grab your users attention. They almost always have a call to actions i.e a link to an area of Zunos. For example, when you upload new content or create a new form, it's good practice to send out a push notification linking to the content or forms with a message saying something like:

"Check out the flashy new brochure we just added" - linking to Content.

"Remember to complete your timesheet every fortnight" - linking to Forms.

 Sessions When creating an event an event in Zunos you have the ability to providing potential attendees with a number of classes to attend for an event. Its a means of distributing a large event into smaller classes. Sessions can have their own independent locations and respective details.

Please check our events knowledge base article for more details.

Special links / merge tags / deeplinking  Deeplinking in messages gives administrators the ability to add a link to a specific area of the app. When a user taps the link in the message they will be redirected to the chosen destination in the app.

Special links and Merge Tags When you create new templates in Zunos there are two components which allow you to link to areas of the app, as well as information stored in the admin portal. They are called Special Links and Merge Tags.

Special links are action links and users can tap or click on these to take them to different areas of the app. Merge Tags are tags which draw information already stored in Zunos such as First Name, Username or Event Location.



For users accessing Zunos using an Android device or a desktop browser can access Zunos using the Zunos WebApp. There are two versions of he Zunos WebApp. One for Zunos <app.zunos.com> users and another for Telstra users <app.telstra.zunos.com>.
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