Create and Verify Email Senders

This feature allows you to create a list of email addresses that can be used when sending messages.  The selected email address appears as the “sender” of the email to the recipient.  To accomplish this you will first need to verify the email address is valid and that you own it.

  1. In the Zunos Admin portal, click on the Global section.
  2. Click on the Sender Emails tab and New Sender Email.


  3. Complete the Add Sender dialogue box fields, which include Sender Name, Sender Email and a toggle to set the sender as active. Once you have completed these click Save to proceed.


  4. Once the verification email is created, you will find it listed now in the Sender Emails list, Click the Send Link button, which is located next to the verified field.

  5. A notification will display indicating that the verification email has been sent out.


  6. In your recipients email account they will receive an email from Zunos like the one shown below, click the Verify Now button.


  7. This should open an Internet browser tab or new window, indicating the verification process has been successful.


  8. Back in the Zunos Admin portal, Sender Emails section you will find that the users who verified their email will now have a tick against their name.


Note: The email links sent out will automatically expire after 1 hour. Furthermore the following feature is ideally suited to parent child accounts. 

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