Creating a Dashboard

The dashboard is the end user interface which appears on your users devices or on the web. The look and feel of this dashboard can be tailored to suit your audience. You can change the Background Image, Logo and Icons for each respective group or team.

The Dashboards setting tab is not enabled by default, if you wish to enable this feature please contact our support team at Zunos Support and they will be able to assist you with your request. 



  1. In the Admin Portal, click Global and click on the Dashboards tab.
  2. Click on New Dashboard button. 

  3. In the Title field Enter a name for the dashboard to be created.
  4. Apply to Groups or Team: Choose the group/s or team/s who will view this dashboard. Only the groups and teams listed will be able to see this dashboard when they login on Zunos.
  5. If Default is enabled, this will act as the primary dashboard for everyone who's group or team hasn't already been assigned to a dashboard.
  6. If Is Active is enabled, this will make the dashboard live in that organisation.
  7. Design Layout provides you with layout templates from the options provided. We highly recommend using the Engagement Dashboard layout, as this shows users their progress and helps them track their engagement health score.
  8. Setting up Background Image and Dashboard Logo to recommended dimensions to make dashboard look appealing to users.
  9. Arrange Icons Allows you to add, arrange or remove icons from the dashboard and show users the shortcuts or icons that are only most appropriate to them.
  10. Make sure to save your changes when changes are made. This can be done by click on Save that appears in the bottom-right hand corner of the Dashboard Builder.  

Note: If you have multiple dashboards, you can only set one of them as the default dashboard. The default dashboard will always be displayed at the bottom of list with 'default' next to it.



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