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Communicating with your team through Zunos is an effective way to not only send out a message but direct your user to specific areas of the app. To send out a message follow these simple steps below.

  1. If you have prepared a template, choose the template from the drop down list.

  2. In the Recipients field enter the name of the User(s), Group(s) or Team(s) you wish to send the message to.

  3. Choose the Send As email which could be your own email of the program email on your account. To update the program email address on your account view the article here.

  4. Enter a Subject which will be visible to the recipient in their email and zunos message inbox.

  5. The Send On date allows you the option to send your message for any date of your choice. Remember to set the correct timezone if your message is being sent out side of your default account time zone setting.

  6. Add or change the text in the message if necessary.

  7. Add an attachment. This can only be a file that was loaded into your content.

  8. Choose to send the Message as an email as well as the default Zunos Message.

  9. Choose whether to send to active users only.

  10. Choose to send a push notification advising the users they have received a message from Zunos.

  11. Choose to customise the push notification text.

  12. Send a test email to yourself before you send it out to your team. This is recommended to spot check the message and test that everything is working the way you would like it to.

  13. Custom Fields' selection may be required before sending the message. The red asterisk is an indicator that the field selection is required before sending the message.  
  14. Click Send Message to deliver the message to the recipients.






Send Messages To Child orgs from a Parent org


Note: A Parent-Child hierarchy is an account configuration in Zunos, contact the Zunos Customer Success team for more information about this feature.

Messages can also be sent to Child account users from the Parent account. This is a great way for administrators to quickly inform all of their Child account users from one Parent account.

  1. To use this feature, be certain that you are in your Parent account organization.
  2. Continue to use the same instructions above with the exception: Click in the "Include all users for child organizations" field to see a selection of the Child organizations.
  3. Select one or multiple Child organizations.
  4. Next, click Send Message.




Administrators can also send messages to groups and teams that are in the Child orgs from the Parent org account. 

  1. To use this feature, deselect 'Send to all Users' button.
  2. Next, click in the 'Include Child Organizations' box on the far right in the Recipients' field.
  3. Start typing the groups or teams' names in the Recipients' field that you want to send your message to in order to get a listing of all groups and teams in the Child orgs.





View Sent Messages

You can click on Sent Messages tab in Communicate to view all the sent notifications. 

If you select a send message from the list, it will open an information window displaying content on the right-hand side. An information window will display 'From', 'To', 'Date', 'Subject' and 'Status' with a preview of the sent message.

Also, to view messages sent from the Parent org to the Child orgs, please view the Sent Messages in the Child orgs. 


Status is updated in admin portal depending on the status of the message in transition. For example, if the message has been viewed by a user, status of email will change to 'Read' followed by the current timestamp of date and time of the message. 

Note: The Status of the message will not be tracked if message template has deeplinks in them. 


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