Logging in

To login into your account with Zunos, open the app on your iOS device and follow the steps:

    1. Click on Login to Zunos
    2. Enter your username and click Next
    3. You now get the option to either type in the password or to request a magic link.
    4. If Type password is selected, a password request will appear. Type in your password and click Next

      login.png dashboard.png
    5. Once you have logged in the app will load. If you are a user in multiple Zunos accounts, a list of profiles will appear. Simply tap the profile you would like to view.  
    6. Once complete you will be taken to your engagement dashboard.


Tip: If you have forgotten your password, tap Forgot Password and check your email inbox for an email from Zunos with a link to set yourself a new password.


Note: After you have logged in for the first time your login details will be saved, you will not need to enter them again on the same device unless you change your password. 

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