Completing quizzes

Every now and then a quiz will appear on your app, and you can complete this when you are ready. When a quiz appears simply open the quiz questions and answer them one by one. You are able to view the media attached to the questions by tapping on the icon image.

After you finish answering the questions, they will disappear from the Quizzes tab in the Zunos App. You can review your quiz history by tapping Results at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select a completed quiz, review your submitted answers and if there are multiple attempts, retake the quiz.

Pass Marks

  1. Quizzes now can have a pass mark associated with them. This requires users to answer the specified number of questions correctly to pass. 
  2. The required pass mark can be seen on the Quiz Review screen under the title of the quiz.

Quiz Attempts

  1. Some quizzes can now be attempted more than once. Allowing you to retake a quiz to achieve a pass mark.
  2. The number of attempts allocated to a quiz is located about the Start Quiz button.
  3. Retake quizzes with multiple attempts by tapping Quizzes  - Results then find the name of the quiz and tap on it, then tap Retake.

Multiple Correct Answers

  1. Questions can have more than one correct answer which should be stated in the question. 

Quiz Feedback

  1. You may receive feedback on your answer attempt, which appears below your selected answer after its been submitted.


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