Adding Special links and deeplinks to messages

Zunos Special Links and Deeplinks in messages allows Administrators to add links to a specific area of the Zunos iOS App or WebApp. When a user taps the link in the message they will be redirected to the chosen destination within Zunos.

For example, when Zunos Administrators need to inform users about new content or a new quiz in Zunos, they can use Special Links to insert a deep link to that content into the message text.

Deeplinks can also be added to buttons that have been added to the email content. 


Here are a few simple steps to add deep links to your outgoing messages:

  1. Open Zunos messages (Communicate) to create a new message or open in Drive and Create a new message template
  2. Write your message or open your existing template
  3. Add Special Links from the text toolbar when editing the message text, or you can add a button to your email from the side panel which can also be used with Special Links.
  4. For Special links, Admins can choose various message links, depending on the type of message template that is created


Note: Special Links will only work when sent directly from a Zunos as a message or an email. They will not work when send as a Test Message or if they are inserted into a PDF or other type of document. 


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