Create a leaderboard

Leaderboards display the progress of users within Zunos awarding points for media views, form submissions and quiz completions. You can customise a leaderboard to display the progressive leaders of any behaviour or activity you choose.

To create a New Leaderboard from the Admin portal, select Leaderboards and then click New Leaderboard.

  1. Enter a Leaderboard Name.
  2. Make appropriate selections for Type, Positions, Groups or Team or leave blank to include every one in the account.
  3. Select the Activities you wish to include from the drop down list provided. Alternatively you can select the 'all' switches for Content, Quizzes, Forms and Achievements. 
  4. Select the Start and End date for the program or leave blank if you don't have one.
  5. Enter the number of leaders you would like to display.
  6. Make the Leaderboard Active and click Create.


Note: Administrators have additional control over measuring user engagement in their Leaderboards. If Publish Dates are entered for Leaderboard, you will have an additional toggle to use the published date for content, for the duration set on the leaderboard.


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