Meet Zunos

With the release of iOS 9, ARISapp will become Zunos.

You will still have access to all the ARISapp tools and features you're used to - with a fresh new interface.

If you have automatic updates switched on, look for the new Zunos icon.

New icon on the iPad or iPhone

 If you still have ARISapp on your iOS device, search for Zunos on the App Store or click here to upgrade.

Note that Zunos (Version 3.0.2) requires iOS 8 or above.
Users running iOS 7 or earlier will not be able to update to Zunos (App version 3.0.2) BUT can continue using the previous 2.4.2 version of ARISapp.

Useful links for Zunos admins
Admin Portal
Knowledge Base
Status Page
Contact Support


New account selection for users with multiple profiles
New Content Navigation Screen 
New settings interface



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