Libraries is a staging area for unpublished media and also facilitates in sharing linked content items throughout a profile or multiple profiles. 

Clicking on the Libraries button will display the libraries available to you. Click on the respective library name to display the content available to this library.

Create a new library

Click on the Libraries folder button within the Drive navigation pane, click Create and select Library.

You can now either upload new content or move existing media/folders from your Live Content. You can add media, forms, message templates, quizzes and achievement groups to a library.


How to move content from a library to your live content

Simply drag and drop the media/folders you wish to share from the Libraries to the Live Content area.

This creates a linkage represented by the blue chain next to the respective media/folder icon.

How linked media/folders work

Once a linked file is created, all linked files in the account function as independent linked files.

Any linked file can have its settings changed and be renamed by Admins. Re- uploading a file in the library will update all of the linked items.

How live content is indicated in libraries


Once a library file is dragged to Live Content a green chain icon is made present to show that the file has been made active.


Updating media files

In order to update a linked file, simply click on the media file name or the Edit pencil icon in the Content Details' section to open the edit menu.

Once the edit menu opens, scroll down to the Re-upload File section and click Choose File.  Once you have chosen your file click Save this will update all the linked files associated to this media item.

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