Libraries in a Parent-Child hierarchy

Use libraries to distribute and share content to your linked children accounts. This will ensure that content management is centralized and maintained in the parent account.

Note: A Parent-Child hierarchy is an account configuration in Zunos, contact the Zunos Customer Success team for more information about this feature.

Linked Content in a Parent-Child configuration

Once a linked file is created, all linked files in the Parent account function as independently linked files. Any linked file in Child accounts can have its settings changed and be renamed by Admins in the Child account. However, replacing or updating the linked file must be actioned by an Admin in the Parent account.

Files linked using Libraries will display the blue chain (shown below) at the top right of the respective media/folder icon.

Sharing a Library to a Child account

In order to share a Library to a Child account from a Parent account, you will need to create a new Library Audience Tag. Once the tag has been created in the Parent account (Global Settings), click on the Details Pane beside the name of the Library that you would like to share, and enter the name of the Library Audience Tag.

Link Content in a Child account

Once a Library has been shared to a Child account via Audiences, any Admin in the Child account can link the files anywhere within that Child account. This can be done by simply dragging shared library content into their organization’s Published content/live content section. 

View linked items

As an Admin in the Parent Account, you have the ability to view all the linkages of the files you have shared using Audiences. You can also choose to remove all linkages or update the linked files by using the re-upload function in the files settings.

Simply click on the link logo and it will display all linkages

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