FAQs about Drive

How do I publish a file?

When you upload a file in Drive you will have the option to publish it immediately through the Make Active on Upload option. Toggle to Yes to ensure that your file will be published immediately once uploaded.


Can I schedule a file to publish in the future?

Yes you can. Open the additional settings of a folder by clicking on the title of the folder in the information summary. You will be able to select the date on which you want the file to be published in the future and an expiry date to make it inactive.


Does content need a publish date to be active?

Yes. All active content within Drive must have a publish date, which is based on the date the content was created. Removing this date will deactivate the content item. You can still change the publish date to a date in the future if you would like to schedule the content to appear later. Content still also needs to be active if you do schedule it for the future.


Can I edit a file once it has been uploaded?

Yes. Simply go the folder containing the file and click on the title of the folder in the information summary bar on the left. You will be able to edit the file name, enter a passcode, change the share options and even make the file inactive.


Can I customize the folders to control who views them?

Yes. Media allows you to select a particular group or team that can have access to the folder. Simply select a folder and in the information summary which appears on the right, type in the name of a group or team which you previously created in User management.


My users are cannot see the content?

Try dragging down the Zunos screen to refresh the content on your app. Also, tap Latest at the bottom of the content navigator. This will should you a feed of the content and dates which it was loaded.

If content still does not appear, using the Zunos Admin portal, check that the user is in the group which the content folders are allocated to.


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