Basic field types

Field type: Single line text

A Single Line Text field enables users to enter short, one-line responses in forms.

Examples: First Name, Surname, Company

Field type: Date

Short Date fields allow users to input a date with the format Day/Month/Year.

Example: Date of Birth, Today's Date, Date of Inspection

Field type: Email

Email fields allow users to add an email address to a form

Example: Client email address, contact email address

Field type: URL

Website URL fields allow users to add a URL link to a form.

Example: Company Website 

Field type: Paragraph text

Paragraph Text field allows users to enter large amounts of text

Example: Comments, Notes, Additional Information 

Field type: Checkbox (yes/no)

Checkbox (Yes/No) fields allow users to answer simple questions with a Yes or No toggled response.

Example: Checklists, Did you require a follow up from this request?

Field type: File upload

File upload fields allow users to upload images from their camera roll on an iOS device.

Field type: Signature

Signature capture fields allow users to sign forms by uploading a saved signature or signed on screen.

Example: Authorisation signature

Field Settings

  • Attach to Emails: The image file can be attached or not attached when the completed form is sent as a PDF attachment via email.

Field type: Email copy to

Email Copy To fields allows the user to send a copy of the form to the email address entered into this field upon the user submitting the form. This is similar to the ‘CC’ field in an email client.

Example: send a copy of the form to a colleague, manager, client

Field type: Geolocation

Geolocation fields allow users to enter their exact location as longitude and latitude.

Example: The location of the site in a visit log

Field type: Informational text

Information Text fields allow admins to enter any additional information that users might require to complete a form submission. This text can be formatted in multiple different sizes, to be bold, italicised or underlined. Admins can also add bullet, or numbered points, change the justification of the text and indentation.

Examples: Privacy Policy, Form Details, Terms and Conditions

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