Navigating content


Selecting Content

Content in Zunos Drive can be selected in three different ways;

  1. Select multiple items - Hold down the Command (or Control) key, then click the items
  2. Select multiple items listed together - Click the first item, then press the Shift key and click the last item. All items in between will be included in the selection.
  3. Select all items - Click in the Content List panel to make it active, then press Command (or Control) - A


Tip: For Windows users, please use Control (ctrl) key instead of the Command Key. The Command Key is only for Mac users.


Keyboard shortcuts

Admins can navigate Content to Content by using Keyboard Shortcuts. The  Keyboard Shortcuts' icon is located at the top right corner, located in Drive.




Click on the Keyboard Shortcuts' icon to view the list of shortcuts to use:


?: Use the question mark key to leave the Shortcut menu

⌘+a: These two keys combined will select all of the content in the list

j: This shortcut can be used to move to the next content item in the list

k: This shortcut can be used to move back to the previous item in the list

e: The e key will open the Content Details for editing

Enter: The Enter key is another way of opening Content Details.

Delete Key: Click on the Delete key to return to the main Parent folder.


Moving/copying Content

To move content within Live Content, select the content item(s) (content row will be highlighted in blue) and drag to the desired folder using the left side navigation panel

To copy or duplicate content in Zunos Drive, select the content item(s) (content row will be highlighted in blue), select Copy Content from the top toolbar panel. A drop down list will appear, select Copy to Clipboard. Navigate to the folder for the duplicated content, select  Paste Copied Content.


Navigation in folders

A folder navigation path appears above the content panel. This pathway displays the folder path to the parent folder. This pathway allows admins to jump back folders quickly. Alternatively, you can navigate using the navigation pane on the left-hand side.


Sort Content View

To view specific content, click Sort By in the top toolbar. A drop down list will appear allowing you to choose how you the content will be sorted when displayed. This will only sort the content in the admin portal for navigation purposes, this does not impact the app.

Content can be sorted in ascending order by: 

  • Name
  • Type
  • Modified Date
  • Created Date
  • Is active



Search and Filter by Content type

To search and filter for specific content within Zunos Drive, click the search panel. A drop down list appears which allows you to search and filter by content type.  


Type in the file name you are searching and click Enter.  The search results will appear in the centre panel of Drive. The search feature will also show the folder path of where your file is located.



The Search bar can also be used to filter for viewing by Content type such as Forms, Achievements and Quizzes only.



Note: To learn more about Zunos Drive visit or contact our Sales Success team at



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